i made a flier

print it out and put it up


Uroboros Project said...

thats a great photo

Nick said...

I think it should say PSYCHIC FRIENDS
then under that: experiments in collaboration

-nick peelor

(have people been making work for the show?)

Zack said...

i agree with nick.

i think the show needs some kind of context...and i dont think the best message to send out to people at first glance of our new "collective" project is that of a dance party. it sounds kind of like a party flyer right now and not so much an "art" opening or whatever that means.

not that i dont like dance parties!
im just not sure if thats what we should propose to people for the opening/first public psychic friends thing

with that said, i really like this photo in bw. the centered composition is really simple and direct and good for a flyer.

i do have another version of this, http://www.flickr.com/photos/36066460@N00/2964705982/, in case anyone would like to take a look.

i dont know how fond i am of the text design right now also...seems a little gimmicky to me. when it comes to text im a little crazy so sorry if that came off slightly harsh.

lets talk about this tonight at the meeting.

ok? ok.