an intro to collaborating: probably a very conceited post

Something I've always prided myself with is my strange ability to convince people to do things for me even when they know it will probably take way more time then they're willing to put into it. For example getting both Zach's to work with me in making that video last year. Also the video with Margot, Becca, Rachel, and Carey. Theres no way my videos would have turned out half as good if it hadn't been for the help of those people, and for some reason they believed it was a good idea to help me out.

There's a time and place for art, music, film, etc. to be made individually, however I think that when people with strong attributes and specialties work together by adding their different (and sometimes polar opposite) artistic ideas, something new and unexpected can come out of it. Fuck, even if nothing happens with the collaboration, at least you'll have the experience of it.

I have been talking to this musician named Abacus for around two or three weeks now, and everything we have shared has given me a new perspective on random collaborations. Basically, when I came back to Baltimore from Texas with an almost complete album I was incredible excited to have actually accomplished something this summer. My friends and bandmates at home kinda just stopped working on it even after I begged them to finish it, so it seemed right to get an outside source to help us out.

I am going to post the emails we've sent back and forth talking about collaborating. The point of all this? I guess to just show how even if two people are into each others art, there is usually a good chance to make something great.

So read it if you want
. Theres a lot of nothing you might have to fish through, but I think it's a good example of open, random, and kinda strange collaboration with someone I've never met, but have full faith in.


(p.s. wanna get together sometime?)

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No Dice said...

This is great! We should still work on figuring out the packaging too, I'll begin looking up book binding techniques and whatnot but if we got a production line going on like we did for the zine it could be an awesome collective effort. This guy Abacus seems pretty accomplished too.