the first picture is from when a satellite passed by saturn on the same plane as its rings, i think it looks pretty cool.


Argyle Hair said...

doug - do you plan on furthering your tattoo endeavors? or is this just a hobby?

also what is the middle picture? i'm not quite sure of the context. i can see it is an instillation of sorts in a classroom, but i'd like to know a little more.

dougbot said...

i'd like to have a job tattooing at some point, but right now isn't the right time because i'm spending most of my time at school rather than at work. so for now it's just a hobby, but who knows what'll come in the future.
the middle picture was a piece a did in sculptural forms last semester; the two bits of wood were pried from the same larger piece, and mimicked each other. they're about five inches long, one and a half wide. for the amount of work i didn't put into it, i really liked the outcome, which just furthers my belief: the less i touch it, the better it looks.