Hey guys!

I just wanted to update everyone on a few projects going on right now. With the weather being what it is it would have been difficult for us all to meet last weekend but if anyone is down for meeting up I would be more than happy to walk through the snow. There are a few collaborations going on which I think are going to be pretty cool.

Currently Ben and I are working on a project exploring our own egocentricity/narcissism/exhibitionism. We have a game that we are playing that has manifested itself in the form of a blog, deixis.tumblr.com. There is also photo series where we have document each time we see each other, be it by chance or a planned meeting. This series will culminate in a news spread of some sort, we aim to show the series in Open Space's print show. Hopefully this collaborative will culminate in a show of sorts once we have a larger body of work.

Today, Zack and I are going to be working on two videos involving a metronome. We hope to put together some sort of dvd or digital compilation involving these pieces and invite others to work on something involving a metronome as well, or just addressing the passing of time in general.

Finally, if you haven't heard, Margo is working on a proposal for a show which would be installed in the Middendorf gallery. The show would potentially include works by Peggy, Nick, Lauren and I, and we have all been discussing with her similar threads between all of our work. The show seems to revolve around ideas of the domestic and the mundane at first, but the works she proposes to exhibit work together to reveal another level of understanding, that we haven't exactly been able to articulate yet. People should talk to Margo about it because the more we talk about it the easier it will be to articulate the idea to the jury (Kristine Woods and Valeska) and the more likely we'll get a show.

All this being said, I encourage everyone to get together even if its working on smaller things, or just talking about work like we always do! I know that we've been talking about doing some sort of split/collaborative zine stuff again and I think that now is the perfect time to get started on that while we're snowed in. Lets keep each other posted on things!

Happy blizzard everyone!

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